Jojoba Oil – The Miracle Oil For Your Face, Acne & Wrinkles

If you have decided that you want to use more natural products on your face there is one that is unbeatable – jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is harvested from a nut that grows in some parts of America and today it is used in many cosmetics.

Pure & Organic Only

jojoba nut oilThe best way to derive the benefits of jojoba oil is to use it in a pure, organic form. There are many reasons why you should be looking to use jojoba oil on your face. Whatever kind of skin you have, you can be sure that pure jojoba oil is the answer.

Here is why it works so well – it contains sebum. Sebum is the stuff in the skin that makes it elastic. When we are young the body produces enough of it to keep your skin looking nice and perky. As you age, however, the body’s ability to produce it reduces and that is why we get wrinkles.

Usage Instructions

By giving your facial skin a dose of organic jojoba oil once or twice a day you will get your skin looking young again. If you choose to use jojoba oil as a moisturizer you may notice that it leaves a light sheen in the initial days. Do not worry about this – in a few days your skin will have adjusted and will absorb most of it. You can blot out the sheen and then apply makeup.

You can use it at the beginning of the day or at night but for best results use it both times. Don’t forget to put it on your lips – it is an excellent way of maintaining soft and supple lips.

Oily Skin

You can also use jojoba to take care of oily skin. You get oily skin because your body produces more sebum than you need, and the excess is deposited on the skin. You can adjust the way your body produces serum by applying jojoba oil. Since the skin is getting enough serum from the outside it stops producing it. Just apply a drop of jojoba oil on the affected area and rub in. The oily skin disappears.

Make Up Remover

Jojoba also makes a great cleanser – it sweeps impurities off the skin and helps to open up pores. It is easy to use it for this purpose – cover a cotton pad with the oil and then wipe your makeup off gently. You don’t have to do anything else; once you are confident that your face is clean you shouldn’t rinse – leave the oil on and let it rejuvenate your skin during the night.


Organic jojoba oil is also a good solution for acne as it contains iodine and has microbial properties. Use a gentle cleanser on your face and then apply jojoba oil.

jojoba acneRemember for you to reap all these benefits you have to buy pure jojoba, and not just cosmetics that contain it. Buy from a trusted company so that you can be sure that you are buying the real deal. Once you settle on a brand check online to see what users are saying about it.